About us

As software developers in many years, we found that developers and QAs really need data manipulating tools in their daily work for testing, debugging and development. Our friends usually search online tools located separately on the internet and some ones even write their own scripts by themselves for the purpose.

We thought that why we do not put all the necessary tools together on only one place where we can enjoy them quickly and easily instead of searching or remembering a long list of the sites. This is the reason why we established TheDevBand. It is not only about tools but also an effective medium for you to cooperate and share your data with your co-workers.

Furthermore, we attempt to build an convenient environment where developers and QAs can create their own specific tools by themselves in their account and share to others if they want.

Literally, the name TheDevBand itself expresses that we are not lonely and jejune guys but we are a band of funny software developers. Let cheer and make TheDevBand bigger. If you are interested in creating any tool, please do not hesitate to contribute your idea or send to us your implementation. We will gladly add your tool on TheDevBand if it passes a review.

Contact us by email: [email protected]